Under New Management

So! Somewhere along the line, my children grew into adults. Who knew!!!! They are full grown, intelligent, aware, conscientious, beautiful young beings that are capable of managing their own lives. Quite an epiphany. Now, I would like to say that I am fully on board with this new discovery of mine but the truth is…..I’m stuuggliiing:) But!! I am embracing the fact that my children are no longer under my management. Pray for me! I am so used to telling them what to do and how to do it that I have not allowed them the freedom to manage their own lives.. to get used to being that final authority and taking ownership over life decisions. The conversation will no longer be one sided. Now I will be there with nets and bells and whistles and blow horns just in case you know.. but as a routine…” apparently those are frowned upon in this establishment” tee hee hee (thanks E*TRADE commercial). For those who have adult children, you know what I’m going through and for those who don’t…one day you will. I know I am not alone in this new challenge. I know there will be struggles, setbacks, questions and concerns as we move forward but I will remain strong (and sane in Jesus name! LOL) as my children move…under new management, their own.


About nosocks13

I'm a wife, mother and friend who enjoys laughing, cooking and Photography. This blog was created so that I can share my world with family, friends and anyone else who wants to feel good about feeling good.
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