Everyone wants a place on mommy’s lap

When your children are growing, they fight to sit on mommy’s lap. When your pets can find you sitting still for longer than 2 seconds, they want to jump around on mommy’s lap. When you are in a relationship, your significant other wants time to lay their head on your lap. Everyone wants a place on mommy’s lap. The funny thing is..even though time passes and everyone gets older, they still want reassurance that mommy’s lap, time and love is still available. Each one deserves and expects their individual attention. Do you see ME? Do you love ME? Do you hear ME? Everyone wants to know that they are important to mommy and as mommy’s we do our absolute best. We sweat, we fret, we worry, we rub, we cry, we pray and yes,at the end of the day, we make sure everyone has a place on our laps.

Be well and remember..I love you but God loves you more.



About nosocks13

I'm a wife, mother and friend who enjoys laughing, cooking and Photography. This blog was created so that I can share my world with family, friends and anyone else who wants to feel good about feeling good.
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One Response to Everyone wants a place on mommy’s lap

  1. So true no matter how old we are huh =) I enjoy your postings so please post more often =)

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